Terms of Service

Terms of Service (TOS) pages act as a legal contract between the company (you) who owns the website and mobile app and its users who have access to your sites and mobile app. Possessing a TOS agreement is optional since there is no law asking you to have that.

In fact, Terms of Service page displays all the rules your customers must follow as shopping or browsing on your website. This is of great importance because it protects you and proves that your sites are totally safe and reliable. For instance, TOS will reveal whether your customers do violate the TOS of your site or not. Customers will not be allowed to post obscene or negative comments or have the right to hack your shop. Also, it is necessary to talk about spam or other things. TOS page might have different names, including Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions.

In general, one of the main reasons you find TOS critical for your site is to inform customers that they are not in your sites, which are exposed to the bad behaviors of the Internet such as viruses or negative comments. Additionally, you are able to refer to the TOS if customers are trying to start an argument with you.

Take note that almost legitimate gateway’s payments will command you to issue the TOS on your site. If not, you will not be approved.