Airplant Garden Care Cards

Refer back here if you ever have questions about how to take care of your airplants!


grown from seed.

Our airplants are grown from seed in specialized greenhouses in Southern California. The airplants you receive are about one year old.


grown in the air.

Airplants grow in the air, and don't require soil. They get all the nutrients from the air and require minimal care.


shipped to your door.

Enhance any space and add that special something to any space. We ship straight to your door.


T. Brachycaulos X T. Streptophylla

Eric Knobloch

This venerable hybrid lives best in cool spots with frequent mist. We prefer not to soak ours, instead ensuring that its leaves are kept lightly moist. We are careful not to dry this plant out, as it can have a hard time recovering from a dry spell.


Tillandsia Streptophylla

Shirley Temple

Stretophylla is a favorite among airplant enthusiast as it grows hearty, thick leaves that curl inward. As this airplant matures, you'll enjoy its wide shape, it grows into a structure that can support itself on a flat surface, such as a bed-side table or mantle.


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From adorable terrariums to driftwood to vertical gardens, airplants (tillandsia) can be used for many different types of design and displays. Airplants aren’t just helpful to the mind, body, and spirit, they look great too!

With more time inside, you can turn any surface into a modern oasis with a soil-less garden. After all, who doesn’t love a pop of color in their home?

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