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What’s in the Box

Inside your carefully curated Airplant Gardens box is one selected airplant, grown from seed over the last year. You will receive new and different airplants each month, shipped straight to your door to add to your soil-less garden.

We work hard to provide you with the most stunning, unique, and healthy new airplants! SKIP any month. GIFT any month. Cancel any time.

Your subscription box also comes with airplant identification cards and care instructions to help you be the best airplant parent you can be. See past carecards here.

Colored Box

Shipping Information

We ship anywhere in the United States

Once an order is placed, we will verify your order details, select a healthy plant from our nursery and carefully package them safely in its box. This process takes about 2-3 business days, then they'll be on their way! *NOTE:* We are committed to providing you the very best plants, and we sometimes need an extra day or two for your plants to be in peak condition for shipping. Please be patient if it takes a little longer for your box to ship! Once shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information and an estimated delivery day.

Colored Box

The Company

Who is the team behind Airplant Gardens?

Airplant Gardens is a family owned business founded on the vision that everyone should grow plants in their home. Whether you live in the country, or an inter-city apartment, airplants can grow without soil, making this vision a possibility. Working and living with plant life around you has been proven to reduce stress and promote better living, and with airplants, this possibility is easier than ever.

Organic. Plastic-free. Earth-conscious.

Our airplants grow without soil, fertilizers or enhancers. They grow in the air, in fact. We also believe it's long overdue and vitally important for businesses to operate with our earth and future generations in mind, which is why we use 100% plastic-free packaging. We've made it our mission to walk this earth more gently and do our part for a brighter, greener future.