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Easiest garden on earth.

Create a garden of airplants you can put on any surface or hang on any wall.

Get new airplants every month, create a soil-less garden, ideal for the home, apartment, office or dorm.


grown in the air.

Airplants grow in the air, and don't require soil. They get all the nutrients from the air and require minimal care.


natural decor.

Whether you live in a tiny studio or you just want to bring a little plant-happy to your home, airplants easily brighten any space, big or small.


watch it grow.

Carefully grown from seeds in specialized SoCal greenhouses, your airplants arrive about 3" big, healthy, and ready to keep growing.


what's inside.

1 airplant / month

Each month, your Airplant Gardens box will arrive at your doorstep with a specially selected airplant that has been grown from seed over the last year. You'll receive a variety of different kinds of airplants every month, each with an identification card and easy-care instructions.

We work hard to provide you with the most unique and healthy variety of airplants! You can skip or gift any month, and cancel any time.


Start with a glass terrarium, grow your airplant garden

$29 + free shipping

Need a starting point? Start your airplant garden with a glass terrarium. Each terrarium comes with an assortment of supplies. You can choose to subscribe as well to get a new airplant each month to add to your collection!


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From adorable terrariums to driftwood to vertical gardens, airplants (tillandsia) can be used for many different types of design and displays. Airplants aren’t just helpful to the mind, body, and spirit, they look great too!

With more time inside, you can turn any surface into a modern oasis with a soil-less garden. After all, who doesn’t love a pop of color in their home?

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