the airplant subscription is back

Easiest garden on earth.

No soil? No problem.

That's right, a plant that just needs air.

We ship a baby airplant to your door every month.


grown in the air.

Airplants grow in the air, and don't require soil. They get all the nutrients from the air and require minimal care.


natural decor.

Whether you live in a tiny studio or a giant castle, enliven your home with this natural decor. Airplants easily brighten any space, big or small.


watch it grow.

Carefully grown from seeds in specialized SoCal greenhouses, your airplants arrive about 3" big, healthy, and ready to keep growing.


what's inside.

1 airplant / month

Surprise yourself with a unique (or even rare) baby airplant every month.

Each airplant comes with it's own specialized collector's card and easy-care instructions.


Know someone who loves plants?

This is the perfect gift!
Give however many months you want to your plant-loving friends & family.

Their satisfaction guaranteed!

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